GPS in Real Estate Decision Making

It had been identified that one of the major problems being faced by an average real estate valuer/appraiser is the inability to identify the location of land, they also encounter difficulties in conducting remote site analysis.

Despite the free availability of GPS/GIS Tools, many practitioners do not know how to use the tools for land area analysis, perimeter measurements, market analysis, land topography investigation, irregular land area calculation, etc.

The advent of Open Source Mapping and Visualization software has made things easier, and you can use same to unleash the innovative capabilities of GPS technologies in providing a solution to everyday real estate measuring and decision making challenges.

GPS/GIS Tools can assist you to effortlessly carry out complex;

  • Real Estate Valuation.
  • Infrastructure/Asset Valuation.
  • Feasibility and Viability Studies.
  • Site Acquisition for Telecoms Operation.
  • Real Estate Market Research.
  • Etc.

There are many other things you can achieve with GPS capabilities in Real Estate Decision Making. We have supported many Estate Surveyors and Valuers in Nigeria in deploying the same to their everyday valuation practice.

We can help you set up a GPS/GIS application framework for your real estate practice. We have been featured by a U.K based GIS Professional Magazine on the “Application of Geospatial Technologies to Real Estate Decision Making in Nigeria”. Our lead consultant is the author of “GPS in Real Estate” book.

Engage us Today, we would transform your professional practice with Modern Real Estate Technologies.

We have supported the following Estate Surveyors in the past;

  • Akin Olawore & Co
  • Sola Oluseyi & Co
  • Kunle Ogunfile Consulting
  • Kehinde Olugbenle and Co
  • Babalola Adeniyi and Co
  • Dele Olaiya and Associates
  • Etc.

We can give a FREE telephone/remote consultation. Please give us a call when you are ready.

3 thoughts on “GPS in Real Estate Decision Making

  1. It’s a welcome development.
    I am just starting my firm of Estate Surveying and Valuation and would love to embrace new approach to issues. I think we need to talk one on one to clearly appraise which skill is most relevant to us now: application of the tech in marketing or for job execution?

    1. Not a problem ESV Cletus, when you are ready, please reach out. We would advise you on the best technologies you can use for marketing and as well as job execution in your real estate consultancy practice. Your comment and feedback is well appreciated. Cheers.

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