How the ‘bigger is better’ mentality is damaging AI research

Digital measuring devices with laser technologies are one of the fastest and most accurate ways to measure buildings and her components, especially when there are multiple measurements to be taken during the same job or day.

Measurements are taken by sending out a pulse of Laser light to a defined target and then measuring the amount of time it takes for the reflection to return. This allows for extremely accurate readings, even over large distance of about 150 meters.

Laser Measure also has a variety of measurement functions including;

<li data-css="tve-u-1779d727d37">Continuous Measurement</li>
<li data-css="tve-u-1779d727d38">Area Measurement</li>
<li data-css="tve-u-1779d727d39">Volume Measurement</li>
<li data-css="tve-u-1779d727d3a">Pythagorean Measurement</li>
<li data-css="tve-u-1779d727d3b">Preposition measurement</li>
<li data-css="tve-u-1779d727d3c">Automatic</li>

Additionally, On-board functions allow the device to Add, Subtract, calculate Area, Volume Triangulate and a range of other functions. With Laser measuring tools, one can achieve more accurate measurement readings especially at extended lengths and in a shorter period of time.

Laser Measuring Tape is as simple as operating a phone, for instance, if you want to measure a simple distance, the user must place the device at one end of the line that is to be measured and aim the Laser beam (Red Light) at a solid target such as wall, cabinet or any object as an indicator. If a solid object is not available, a plastic target can be placed at the required destination to allow the laser beam to be reflected.

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