Why a Laser Measuring Tape is Important in your Real Estate/Construction Business

When it comes to building project execution, construction or even basic house work, measurements are the key to doing them right, saving costs, and reducing material wastage. In this kind of measurement, accuracy, precision, ease of use and durability must be duly considered.

A Laser measuring tape gives easy measurement, consistency, accuracy, and precision with minimal user interference.

Using a Laser Tape Measure is the best way to get the building job done. They are fast replacing old traditional tapes; this is due to their consistency on the field and their extremely wide application.

Laser Measure accuracy is extremely high. You can consult us for the best quality Laser Measuring Tapes.

Here are some benefits of using a Laser Tape Measure over the old Measuring Tape:

  • The On-board functions make complex calculations extremely easy to perform for Area, provided you take two measurements, Volume with three measurements and the Pythagorean Theorem upon entering the base measurement and the distance between you and the highest point of an object.
  • In case of more complex calculations, the Laser Measure will either take care of this On-board or, in some cases, extended software is available for windows meaning; complex planning tasks can be undertaking with relative ease.
  • Laser Tape measures also have their own system memory. The newer models can store up to 20 readings to its internal memory. This feature ensures that even if you forget something, you can always go back and fill in the missing gaps in your numbers.
  • There are some specific models of Laser Measuring Tape with the ability to send information directly to your computer using USB. There’s no more writing, no more bad handwriting and no more loosing sheet. Some models can also connect to your phone.
  • You can send out accurate measurements to bosses, contractors, and anybody else involved in the project that you’re working on. Some allow you to take pictures and add them to the PDFs you create.
  • Imagine having to bypass playing telephone all day and just presenting the raw data and the corresponding image. That’s hours saved on meetings, typing, and double checking. This is perfect for project managers that have to send updates constantly while on the field.
  • Laser Measuring Tape is cost effective, with a laser tape measure, you can essentially be a one-man team. You can eliminate the need for another person on the other end of a physical tape measure as well as any other assistant. In the end, this means good things for your budget. If you have a tripod you can eliminate the only variable between you and a distant point.
  • A Laser Measuring Tape helps you survey an entire area and process your findings quicker than through conventional means.

Owning a tape measure is definitely a sound investment. If you’re a plumber, an architect, or contractor, it serves as your basis for virtually everything. Measurements dictate cost, manpower, time, and effort down the line. One may lament about the cost. But when you come to think about it, all the savings you rack up with teams or people and multiple tools. Here you discover that owning a laser tape is a worthwhile investment.

 They’re easy to carry, simple to operate, and pay for themselves in a much shorter time than expected. They truly are the best out on the market.

We have high quality laser measuring devices with accuracy of +/- 2mm, covering distances of up to 120 Meters. They are obvious choice for larger distances and only require the user to choose a setting point, and click. The result will be right there on the display. You can even choose the units and toggle between them so that there’s absolutely no chance of misreading.

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