Globalclique provides businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants and organizations the nut-and-bolt needed to maintain a scalable online presence/digital business operation. We help them design and implement a winning online business solution/model. We have access to the best human resources, and IT expertise.  We frequently update our skills and ever committed to satisfying the need of our noble clients.

Maintaining a competitive edge in today’s marketplace requires a full understanding of your location data. We provide technology solution that helps in collecting,  storing and analyzing location data, with a view to gaining real insights on service delivery and business solution. Our Location Intelligence and Geospatial Innovation Service provide accessible insight into where things happen, why they happen, and what the next best move should be.

We provide innovative IT solutions for organisations. We give them the nut-and-bolt needed to create a Digital Business Platform and make a good business case with the technologies of this century. We also provide and deploy technology infrastructure for business operation and service delivery. We have access to the best human resources, and IT expertise.



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