Town Planning Service

Town Planning Service

Planning is all about utilizing the land for effective and efficient purposes without causing harm to the society. Whether one begins with raw, undeveloped land or with an existing facility, planning looks to the future. 

The purpose of today’s plan is to safeguard the future and give benefits to tomorrows. Ibugbe and Partners leverages on innovative IT and Geospatial Technology system to combat planning challenges –  from Urban Renewal, Master Planning to Land Use Mapping and Analysis, we’ve got you covered.

Our urban planning approach is modern and innovative, we continue to deploy geospatial solution to every urban planning problem.

We have integrated geospatial technologies to our urban planning consultancy framework . We have sophisticated IT tools to evaluate the impacts of planning policy, and advise our clients on how to maximize land use potentials.

We support in the design and implementation of various urban land use and development plans.

Contact us for any town planning related service, we are a registered member of the Town Planning Registration Council of Nigeria.