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We Leverage on Geospatial + Drone Technology to Provide Precision and Accuracy in Real Estate, Construction and Environmental Measurements

Why Globalclique Technologies?

We provide an innovative Geospatial + Drone Survey + Laser Measuring Solution for everyday real estate decision making, environmental management support, construction service, and infrastructure management.

Our Geospatial + Drone + Laser Innovation helps present and process land and spatial information in a simple to understand manner.

Through our Geospatial + Drone Survey Innovation. We help you consider salient spatial information and streamline complex information that might be difficult to interpret with a manual solution.

Globalclique continues to invest in drone and geospatial solutions that could help provide our clients with the most efficient and cost-effective breakthrough solution the industry offers.

We have experienced staff, aerial technology hardware, and processing software to provide effective drone and geospatial survey solutions. Our team and project infrastructure are insured and certified.

Drone Assisted Site Evaluation

As a construction industry professional, you need a reliable, easy-to-access, and actionable data to design, implement, and evaluate projects efficiently and effectively. For example, infrastructure projects require extensive data collection, detailed mapping, and regular monitoring.  In remote, hard-to-reach location, the work involved usually come with a hefty price tag, and may even be dangerous for staff. That is why development organizations are looking at how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones can be used in data gathering and risky operations.

Our Site Evaluation drones help identify high-risk areas where the likelihood of having a construction delay or even a health and safety issue is high before they even become an issue. With our Drone-Assisted site evaluation approach, the management team can identify areas with reduced progress or even understand the result of improvement measures that are taken through regular monitoring. 

Project Progress Inspection

Manually inspecting assets and surveying sites is a time-consuming task. Using a drone expedites these operations, and utilizing enhanced progress reports at our proprietary disposal helps cleans up the documentation process afterwards. Using Drones in Project Progress Inspection have made surveying much easier by contributing to the data collection stage and helping us save time and cost by simplifying the process and removing

With the use of a modern drone, we are able to eliminate all of the extra time needed by getting information quicker, and delivered in a much more concise format that will produce reports with great accuracy helping you complete the job in half the time and cost.

Cell Tower Inspection

Cell phone, radio, and power line towers can be tall and dangerous to climb. The use of drone photography allows you to fly around a tower and view it from all angles.

There is always a need for a proper Evaluate the security of the inspection before taking action. Viewing high-definition aerial images can inform you about the status of a cell tower, radio tower, or power line tower. Understand what equipment is broken or damaged to achieve better and more cost-effective repair solutions.

We will help you capture better and more information than ever. Globalclique will support you by helping you to save time and mitigate the risk of workers climbing the towers to work on the equipment. Instead, go up with a drone in seconds, get a detailed aerial view, and fly easily between nearby towers.

Facility Evaluation

See your equipment and facilities from previously invisible angles with the power of aerial imaging. Get a panoramic picture of your operation and infrastructure to understand it from completely new perspectives. Aerial photography can help you understand your facility, model your operation, and provide valuable information. Drones allow you to maneuver safely in tight spots.

Inspect your physical infrastructure from different angles, sides, and directions.

Real Estate Photography

Construction site and real estate aerial photography is now being integrated into mainstream construction and real estate marketing. Monthly progress photographs are being used to produce full 2d images that can be used for accurate measurement and use in conjunction with traditional quantity surveying methods. Also, aerial photographs of completed real estate projects can also be used to market real properties.

As the project moves to construction, aerial photography can keep an eye on assets and materials, more accurately gauge progress and completion and be confident in the quality of work based on highly accurate data, minimizing the need for rework. Let us help you with Aerial Photography Service.

Laser Measuring Solution

We sell powerful DIGITAL/LASER MEASURING TAPE that can be used in real estate, architecture, quantity surveying, planning, building construction, interior decoration, monitoring, industrial automation control, mining, petroleum, aerospace industry, smart transportation and so on . It makes site measurement easier and convenient.

A Laser meter helps you get more accurate project readings. It gives transparency and precision in project measurements.
A Laser meter is safer to use as you may not need to walk around a wall or edge to get your measurement results. It gives productivity efficiency.

Drone & Geospatial Training

Globalcique provides high-quality drone training with a suitable learning model for enterprise clients, government agencies, public safety departments, and individuals.

Our drone training programs are customizable and feature in-person hands-on training on flight training, instruction on attaining a commercial remote pilot license, scenario-based online training, and mission-specific advanced training on search and rescue, thermal imaging, aerial mapping, inspections, aerial videography, and more.

We help organizations safely and effectively implement a drone program through customized pilot training, standard operating procedures development, pilot assessments, program management software, consulting, and new drone pilot support.

Drone Sales & Servicing

We supply high-quality drones and also offer training in aerial photography for both personal and business use. Whether you’re new to drones, an avid hobbyist or looking into the commercial applications of drones and remote control aircraft; you’re in the right place and we’re here to help.

We know that low prices are not enough to build a business, you need the service and technical support to back it up. 

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