Detached house on 1,000 Square Metres Land Size for Sale in Parkview Estate, Ikoyi

Available Title Document: Certificate of Occupancy – C of O

Price: N1.2 Billion Naira.

What you need to know about Parkview Estate, Ikoyi

PARK VIEW ESTATE is a high-class residential estate located on Gerrard Road, Old Ikoyi, Ikoyi, Lagos. Houses in the estate are built individually by private developers, and landowners and sold out to the public. The estate is mainly residential consisting of semi-detached duplexes, fully detached houses, terraces, townhouses, penthouses, and bungalows; there are also private businesses, schools, luxury hotels, and guesthouses. It was designed to suit a certain class of people consisting of well-respected high-class/influential people- the High-earning members of the society, business moguls, company CEOs/MDs, expatriates, and politicians.

Park View is managed by a group of people who are called an Association- Park View Residents’ Association

The Association collects its annual dues from residents and businesses. Residents’ dues for those living in duplexes, mansions, bungalows, and detached houses is ₦172,000; residents living in flats pay ₦111,000. Landowners, Schools, churches also pay their annual dues. It is a gated community in a highbrow/ high-income area with only one major entrance manned by security guards.

Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos

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Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos 6.456100, 3.440900

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