GIS Solution

GIS  Solution

Our Geospatial Solution helps you investigate, visualize, analyse and transform data into a meaningful information. We provide our clients with the information required for better decision making.

GIS (Geographic Information System) is a way of displaying information that has a geographic component. GIS can display very simple information much in the manner of ordinary CAD drawings. But it can just as easily display greatly complex information. It all depends on what users want to know and how detailed their data may be. We boast of highly skilled and experienced GIS & CAD technicians, who are fully trained on the latest technology being used in the industry.

Our team has experience working with estate surveyors, town planners, civil engineers, land surveyors, architects, builders and environmental engineers on diverse projects ranging in size and scope for end users.  We are a member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, also pioneer founder of QGIS Nigeria Usergroup –  these has exposed us to international best practice in GIS and CAD application to a wide varieties of projects. 

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