Globalclique is a multi – disciplinary Technology Solution Company, driven by a commitment to solving complex societal problems by leveraging on the digital eco-system of tools, tricks, and strategies.

As a company that integrates technology solution into everyday human activities, Globalclique provides E – business Solution, Technology Procurement and Location Intelligence Service.
Globalclique has a Continental track record in Technology Innovation and E- business Solution. Our Company is committed to uplifting communities by connecting people to the solutions that enhance life.


Globalclique is a Real Estate + Technology consulting organization, working with a mission to provide technology innovation for efficiency in human comfort and habitation.
Our operation revolves around bespoke real estate solution and innovative IT service delivery. In our real estate operation, we focus on the use of smart technologies in bridging gaps in the national housing deficits, accessibility and affordability.
Our real estate operation is handled by our sister company “Ibugbe and Partners” and this operation is further straightened by a committed passion for Town Planning Service, Project Appraisal / Impact Assessment, GIS & CADD Solution. Click here for more… 
Globalclique technology division provides industries, corporate organizations and individuals with smart  and innovative IT hardware and software solution for the real estate and construction industry.
Our E-Consultancy niche provides digital strategies, design, development, and implementation for corporate real estate organizations.

Our operation is driven by Passion, Purpose, People, Service and Integrity.

Our operation is driven by Passion, Purpose, People, Service and Integrity.

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